Ngan Aak-Kunch Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC (ICN: 4097) has been established to manage the native title of us, the Wik and Wik Waya peoples, over our land and waters in western Cape York Peninsula. Through this body we, the families, clans and other groups who form the Wik, Wik Waya and Kugu peoples, have joined to protect our native title and ensure the recognition by others of our deep and continuing connections to and rights in our ancestral land and waters, culture and heritage, and our existence as the original possessors and occupiers of these land and waters.

Traditional Owners should have the right to
negotiate matters on our lands and waters!

We're appealing a National Native Title Tribunal ruling that effectively excludes us 
from negotiating with multinational miner Glencore over mining of our bauxite deposit.

Click here to read our Media Statement.


Welcome to our newly elected NAK Directors.

On Wednesday, 28 February 2018 at our AGM, we were proud to announce our newly elected NAK Directors:
Mr Roy Chevathen (Deputy Chair), Mr Llyle Kawangka, Mr Ron Yunkaporta, Mr Jonathan Korkaktain, Ms Barbara Bandicootcha (Chair), Ms Eloise Yunkaporta, Mr Smithy Kepple and Mr Douglas Ahlers. A handful of alternate Directors were also
appointed.  Check out our Directors page to see the full list.



The above presentation is an adaptation of Richie Ah mat's full slide and speech presented on Wednesday 1 June 2016 in Darwin at the Native Title Conference.






There is a lot going on for the Wik People right now. We felt it was important to get our message out there. Watch and listen to this short animation clip we put together to better understand what's going on with mining on our land.


Just as our elders did before us, your NAK representatives have been fighting to ensure your Native Title Rights are recognised. Unfortunately, as our State Government was not hearing our voices, we've had to take this fight to the High Court... but it is important to our People that the discriminative Provisions (regarding the Aurukun bauxite mine project) in our State's Mineral Resources Act 1989 were removed.

Click on the image (left) to read our submission to the Federal Senate Inquiry

You can visit the Senate Inquiry website to read additional submissions directly by our Chairman, two of our NAK Directors, and a Wik Woman.


Meet some of our

Board of Directors (current as at 28 February 2018):

Mr Roy Chevathen (Deputy Chair)

Mr Llyle Kawangka

Mr Ron Yunkaporta

Mr Jonathan Korkaktain

Ms Barbara Bandicootcha (Chairperson)

Ms Elosie Yunkaporta

Mr Smithy Kepple

Mr Douglas Ahlers


Our Wik homelands contain some of Australia's most pristine wetlands. Come up and visit us sometime :)
We're proud of our culture and heritage, and we'll always be happy to show you around.
If you want to come camping... don't forget to drop us an email to get your permit. 

We're very proud of the work our NAK Board does each year to build a better future for our children.
If you have any new ideas though, feel free to drop us a line!


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