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EXCLUSIVE: Govt warned of ‘blood on the streets’ over Wik bauxite plan

  • Tony Barrass
  • National Indigenous Times (NIT)
  • FEBRUARY 26, 2016

Curious last-minute ministerial decisions, covert strategies to divide Aboriginal communities and a decade of broken government promises effectively robbed the Wik people of any chance to create long-term prosperity from the Aurukun Bauxite project, a Senate inquiry has been told.

Native title veterans fight ’racist’ Qld mining law

  • Stefan Armbruster
  • SBS
  • FEBRUARY 26, 2016

A new land rights battle over a $20 billion bauxite deposit in far-north Queensland, one of most valuable in the world, is headed for the High Court.

Fury over one-day Aurukun bauxite mine bid

  • Jamie Walker
  • NOVEMBER 14, 2014

THE Queensland government has been denounced for squandering a historic opportunity to give Aborigines a stake in developing a rich bauxite deposit on Cape York, as new details emerged of a bidding process that opened and closed in a single day.

The hopes of the Wik people have been cruelly dashed

  • Marcia Langton
  • Opinion Piece, THE AUSTRALIAN (retrieved from CYLC website)
  • NOVEMBER 15, 2014

WHEN The Australian reported yesterday on the objection of the Wik peoples of Aurukun to the grant of a bauxite mining lease to Swiss miner Glencore, 50 years of history came flooding back. At the Whitlam memorial service last week, Noel Pearson reminded the country of the history of struggle against discrimination by the people of Aurukun when he spoke of John Koowarta’s fight against the Bjelke-Petersen government.  There has never been a decade in the past four in which the Wik peoples have not been fighting the Queensland government in court.



Indigenous leader Noel Pearson questions Glencore's bauxite mine deal in Aurukun

  • Brigid Andersen
  • ABC News
  • AUGUST 21, 2015

One of the most influential Aboriginal leaders in the country has questioned how a multinational company has won preferred status to mine a rich bauxite deposit on native title land.

Indigenous leaders alarmed that Glencore given green light to develop Aurukun bauxite deposit

  • Kimberley Vlasic
  • AUGUST 29, 2014

AN INDIGENOUS leader has described a decision to hand control of a bauxite deposit in Western Cape York to an Anglo-Swiss mining company as “confounding and alarming”.

Owners’ bid to share reborn Aurukun bauxite dream

  • Michael McKenna
  • AUGUST 28, 2014

AFTER almost 40 years of false starts, the massive bauxite deposit that has long promised to turn the impoverished Cape York indigenous community of Aurukun into a boom town has again been ­revived for development.